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How APS Performance Coaching Works

Not all coaching platforms are created equally. Discover how APS coaching is unmatched.

Holistic performance coaching from APS

APS performance coaching endorses a theory of change that suggests the ‘top down’ approach, while a necessary component to change, is slow and inefficient on it’s own. Equally, a ’bottom up’ method, while energetic is too often chaotic in isolation.

APS performance coaching aims to influence multiple levels of the organisation within the contracted period. We work one-to-one with senior and soon-to-be-senior executives, in small-group coaching sessions with traditional and non-traditional high-potential candidates and new intake, and with those not yet eligible for coaching, via the group seminars and the ‘open table’ lunch sessions.

APS Coaches

APS coaches are collaborative but challenging, demanding but supportive coach mentors who will contract with new clients exactly what is expected from all parties. This includes the tangible personal, professional, and organisational development and performance outcomes desired by the end of the six-month term. Our coaches will help you develop the skill to source solutions to your challenges from within.

Coaching and Mentoring Options

one-to-one coaching

One-To-One format

  • For senior-level employees
  • Seven 90-minute face-to-face sessions
  • Web portal for between session work
  • On-line session scheduling
  • Quick answers to ‘burning questions’
APS small group coaching

Small-group format

  • For high-potential candidates and new-intake personnel
  • Six 90-minute face-to-face group sessions
  • Two 20-minute individual sessions for each member of the group
  • One 20-minute virtual session for each member of the group
  • Quick answers to ‘burning questions’
APS seminars


  • For organisations with ten or more solo- or group-coaching contracts, and those not eligible for individual or group coaching
  • Two seminars during the 6-month period
  • Sessions can be scheduled as ‘lunch and learn’
  • Topics include:
    • Confident and authentic communication
    • The performance mindset
    • Influence and motivation
    • Fundamentals of inclusive leadership
APS open table lunch sessions

“Open Table” lunch sessions

  • For employees not eligible for one-to-one, group, or seminar coaching
  • 60 minute open sessions
  • Sessions operate under Chatham House Rule
  • Anonymised HR report with significant findings

Organisations with more than ten coaching contracts will also receive one 90-minute appearance for the whole organisation. It can be in the form of a speech presentation with Q&A, a panel participation or open Q&A as long as that event is primarily internal.

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