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Coaching & Mentoring Defined

The difference between coaching & mentoring

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Coaching is an interpersonal alliance that starts by establishing a set of mutually understood goals and benchmarks that will impact professional success and well-being. Far from being didactic, coaching at its best is not a teacher/student dynamic, but rather a partnership based on mutual respect for the genuine aspiration of the client and the ability of the coach to serve as a facilitator, motivator and catalyst for sustainable change. Coaching begins with self-reflection and introspection to understand the true starting point, followed by moving to the more specific physical and psychological skill set enhancements that may be required for the agreed success criteria to be met. The coach challenges the client to learn about themselves, adapt to their new skill sets and grow towards their stated goals.

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While synonymous to many, coaching and mentoring are not the same thing. Mentoring is the next evolution of coaching. It allows clients who feel they have extracted everything they can from a coaching dynamic, to be further challenged to analyse their progress and plan for their future growth in an even more holistic fashion. Mentoring is even more challenging than coaching, as while still a supportive and affirming dyad, the process is designed to inspire ‘independent study’ towards self-development, a relationship where mutual respect for each other’s achievement and expertise facilitates the free flow of ideas and necessary critical questioning. Mentoring is an authentic thought partnership where the mentor punctuates periods of profound self-exploration by the client with redirecting – or refocussing – insight.

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Amaechi Performance Coaching has two amazing coach mentors to work with, each with different styles, but both the very best in the business:

John Amaechi OBE

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Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE

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