Coaching for Candidates

Stand out from the Crowd

introducing coaching for candidates

Become the obvious choice for your next role

Optimal preparation for the next big step up the ladder is about strategic positioning and hard-earned, specific technical knowledge. In order to be seen as the outstanding choice, more is required to make sure that you get your unique selling points across and relay a lucid and compelling narrative conveying the reasons why you, and not someone else with similar qualifications, is clearly the best choice. This is where Coaching for Candidates can help.

Interviews are about assessing qualifying data on behalf of the organisation (and the prospective employee), but they are also an opportunity to pass a ‘goodness of fit test’ measuring the candidate against an organisation’s future desired outcomes, goals and productivity demands.  This means that a candidate must be able to sit opposite an expert panel and present their best self as eloquently as possible.  This is not a function of a clever ‘turn of phrase’ but more a reflection of the need to be able to transfer the essence of who you are and what you offer to a panel of professionals with the least chance of misinterpretation.

The Coaching for Candidates methodology involves evaluating a client’s CV and available feedback from existing workplaces and previous job seeking experiences in order to target the most effective personal pathway for success. CfC is not a series of mock interviews, but rather a comprehensive process that examines all aspects related to a client’s successful candidacy.

Coaching for Candidates process

  • Identify candidate skills and challenges, and develop specific action points for areas that need strengthening
  • Identify the key job description categories and the appropriate stories, anecdotes and insights to illustrate congruence and experience for each
  • Support & enhance resilience of candidates in face of certain deep scrutiny
  • Build and establish self-efficacy, agency & self-confidence in your authentic message
  • Broker the balance between humility and pride in achievement as well as insight/external focus essential for success in the candidate’s chosen role
  • Interview preparation via feedback on tone, presence, body language and answers to interrogative questioning
  • Interpersonal audit: mirroring the scrutiny of the interview in every session

Format and Logistics

  • Two hours of coach review time for submitted documents (CV, summaries of previous interviews, 360º reports, etc.)
  • A minimum of three face-to-face, 90-minute sessions taking place over eight weeks
  • A maximum of six sessions in total, completed over a 16 week span

All clients will have access to APS’ online coaching interface allowing for:

  • Independent, online session booking and session reminders via email
  • Pre-session remarks and post-session journalling
  • Coach input to all journal entries
  • Post-session action planning including deadline dates and reminder service
  • Plotting of tangible metrics where applicable

All data is downloadable for the client after the end of coaching.

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