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Bespoke vs. Organic Coaching

Unique programs for unique needs

bespoke organic coaching

Bespoke coaching

Bespoke coaching is tailored to the mutually agreed needs of the client and their organisation. This is suitable for those seeking a tailored experience. APS bespoke coaching is designed to respond to specific self- or organisationally identified challenges or areas for improvement.

Organic-Responsive coaching

Organic-Responsive coaching is for those seeking a professional, collaborative relationship to broaden their thinking and enhance performance more roundly. We collaborate to explore commonly overlooked or chronically under-scrutinised mindsets, decision-making, and patterns of behaviour to encourage breakthrough insights.

Tailored to suit a variety of needs with common performance areas covered:

Longevity & Resilience

  • Burnout
  • Interpersonal friction
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Coping strategies
  • Communication reframing
  • Management style optimisation


  • Direct appointment acclimatisation
  • New partner integration
  • First year personal & professional planning
  • Essential ‘first impression’ reflections
  • Management acculturation

Inclusive Leadership

  • Mindfulness for performance
  • Communicating with diverse teams
  • Modelling & encouraging mindful interactions
  • Cognitive interventions (defeating unconscious bias)
  • Groups versus teams – knowing the difference & changing the former, to the latter
  • ‘Forgiving backboard’ – being the best sounding board
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