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Benefits of Coaching & Mentoring

Build great leadership

APS engages coaching & mentoring as an integrated part of an organisations overall leadership and development strategy. As our company purpose statement suggests, we aim to help individuals and organisations “Learn, Adapt and Grow” through our coaching process.

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Retain Top Talent

“Every program in HR must address issues of culture and engagement: how we lead, how we manage, how we develop, and how we inspire people. Without strong engagement and a positive, meaningful work environment, people will disengage and look elsewhere for work.”1

Coaching formally identifies employees as high potential, something 77% of employees deem important2. The act of being formally identified has benefits to employee engagement and reduces corporate ‘wanderlust.’ The transparency and formality of coaching as an explicit investment in high potential employees plays an important role in personal agency

Support Human Capital

The top three priorities in global human capital management are culture & engagement, leadership, and learning & development1.  While coaching is no panacea, highly-skilled coaches who can help their clients be meta-cognitive – that is, to consider the way they think and adjust their own mindset – can have a dramatic impact on all three of these top factors.

Coaching & mentoring helps organisations understand ways to develop and support high potentials, factors that 96% of employees say increases commitment to their employers2. Employees also indicate that their organisation could further their engagement and commitment through the provision of career path support, improved feedback & communication, and developmental opportunities, all of which are embodied by coaching. This benefit is not just manifest in coaching clients, but rather also seen in improved feedback & communication with peers and direct reports.

Create Engagement Structures

Building leadership and interpersonal skills is accelerated through coaching, mentoring and thought partnership.

Coaching can be targeted to specific groups for everything from leadership development and facilitating transitions (into organisations and to new management levels) and to address specific individual challenges. It can be targeted to work only on what is required to enhance individual and organisational performance while seeing the individual as a whole to facilitate rapid change.

Coaching allows for varied measurement. APS endorses the three most popular measurement modalities2 to assess the value of its coaching:

  • pre- and post-coaching 360° feedback
  • well-being and engagement framework inventories
  • operationalised performance reviews

There is time built into the coaching framework to allow HR, L&D and management consultation, and to facilitate pre- and post-coaching 360° reviews.


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2. High-potential Talent, Center for Creative Leadership, 2014

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