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High-Intensity Days for Education

Build great leadership

Set your school on a path of future success

When you need to make an immediate impact to spur further interventions, ‘rally the troops,’ or begin the process of change, High-Intensity Days for education are a brilliant way to begin.  These can be stand-alone one or two-day events, or combined with peak performance coaching, consultation and webinars, or your own ongoing training. This format concentrates on the raw materials of change, plus motivational anecdotes to make the change processes come alive.

Many participants in High-Intensity Days for education call their experience ‘transformative’. This goes beyond John’s physical presence – and is a result of the wealth of knowledge he can impart.

John is honest but respectful in his delivery and affords the time for organizations to prep with him before an engagement, so that he truly creates a learning environment that is armed with institutional knowledge.  He carefully navigates uncomfortable conversations without shutting listeners down.  In a nutshell, he leads a mighty good stretch, followed by a balanced workout, without damaging the muscle. 

– Lynn Sullivan M.S. Ed, M.A. -New Canaan Country School, Director of Community Development

Structure of High-Intensity Days

High-Intensity Days can be configured to cover:

  • Teamwork and organisational communication
  • Inspiring authentic leadership
  • Diversity and inclusion development
  • Client-specific challenges

High-Intensity Days for education include:

  • A whole organisational event for faculty and the student body
  • Classroom or team sessions
  • Opportunities for various informal one-to-one and small group interactions
  • Evening seminar for senior faculty, staff, parents and pupils, and guest school representatives

Some options for the itinerary of  high-intensity days for education are outlined  below. Please remember that one of the best things about the high-intensity day is that it is bespoke – one day focused on your needs and challenges that kick-starts progress, development and ongoing  success.

There are a minimum of five and up to eight distinct interactive presentation opportunities:

APS has worked with Loomis Chaffee School
APS has worked with New Canaan Country School
APS has worked with Groton School
APS has worked with City of Wolverhampton College
APS has worked with Framingham State University
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