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Diversity & Inclusion Training for Education

Diversity & Inclusion for Education

Student success requires supportive school culture

Our conviction is that an inclusive, respectful environment is inextricably linked to individual student and whole school performance. Creating a positive educational setting is a 21st century imperative; a pervasive, embracing school culture where all teachers, staff and students feel safe, supported and can achieve their full potential.

The true power of a well designed diversity and inclusion initiative is in leveraging tangible performance gains.  By creating an environment where all people – students, faculty and staff – can bring their whole self to the educational space, an organisation maximises the breadth of experience, energy and perspectives – it immediately makes itself a more resilient entity.

Diversity & Inclusion requires more than box-ticking

In our work with schools and educational authorities we create changes in the culture and climate of institutions so that they become fully committed to diversity and inclusion. This goes far beyond ‘box-ticking’ or policy compliance alone, thus meeting the needs of individuals and local communities through research-based education, skill enhancement and motivational interactions. We bridge the gap between traditional compliance-based diversity initiatives and a true performance-enhancing intervention.

Many organisations design and implement diversity initiatives to meet basic compliance standards or as an anti-litigation measure, yet they underestimate the energy wasted by individuals protecting themselves in environments that do not embrace diverse identities – energy that might otherwise be used for furthering educational goals and outcomes.

At APS, we work with educational institutions to help them become beacons of best practice in diversity and inclusion. This helps schools create an image as an employer of choice, and informs staff, students and parents alike of the high standards and positive expectations for each member of their educational community. It behoves membership and encourages members to aim high.

John’s expertise in understanding and implementing meaningful change in diversity and inclusion is well recognised. He continues to be consulted by the UK government, the London Organising Committee of the 2012 Olympic Games (LOCOG) legacy group as well as individual school clients who are trying to move past significant bias-related incidents or just looking to make sure their school culture is conducive to every students’ growth and development.

APS has delivered inclusion training to the entirety of the Chicago Public School System.

APS has worked with City of Wolverhampton College
APS has worked with Framingham State University
APS has worked with Choate Rosemary Hall School
APS has worked with New Canaan Country School
APS has worked with King School
APS has worked with Taft School