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The Diagnostic™ for Education

The Diagnostic™ for Education

Helping educational institutions provide superlative learning environments

Many educational institutions at every level – and their governing bodies or local authorities – realise that the performance of their students demands more than access to up-to-date books, IT and motivated teachers. The climate and culture of schools and universities often dictates overall performance. Schools in Britain, across the EU and in the US find themselves undergoing “special measures” to try and drag up test-scores and attendance – without addressing the underlying demotivating and distracting factors that undermine the hard work of teachers and students.

Organisational consulting: not just for corporations

The very same organisational development consultancy that drives change in business can also help transform school and university settings. By working with faculty, teachers, coaches, pastoral and technical staff to curb divisive elements, APS creates a shared sense of purpose and an environment that students and staff alike feel they can relate to and in which they can wholeheartedly invest.

The Diagnostic™ for Education Process

Taking residence on campus for up to one week, APS embeds itself within the institution to fully understand and interact with the faculty leadership, teachers, coaches and staff. During this time, APS profiles the organisation, as well as key individuals and sub-groups –  collecting information and encouraging multidirectional feedback.

The result is the initiation of an evolving intervention that creates prompt and positive change. APS is aware that educational budgets are tight and endeavours to suggest and implement initiatives that will not increase future spending. By investing in individual soft-skill improvements and facilitating better communication and more transparent communication channels, an organisation will find itself with far more human capital at its disposal – and everyone working towards a shared goal.

One of the problems of outside consultation is meshing with HR and internal learning and development staff.  To reduce any misunderstandings, APS believes in open communication to make working together – not our own convenience – our priority.

We miss John here already! I think he underestimates how powerful, bright and open he is in a way that resonates with so many. I am tremendously pleased with what he brought to this community and “how” he brought it.

Lynn Sullivan MS Ed., Dean of Community Affairs, King Low-Heywood Thomas School

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