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Creating prosperous, dynamic learning environments

Education is constantly cited as both society’s biggest challenge, and its biggest opportunity to overturn major problems. Yet we think education often doesn’t get the level of skilled assistance it needs to address the difficulties it faces.

For more than a decade, APS has worked with institutions raging from individual schools to city-wide districts to help create more sustainable, engaging and inclusive teaching spaces.  We help establish environments that recognise the tolls on educators and on young people in and outside school walls.

Our Services for Schools

Individual schools have found our High-Intensity Days and The Diagnostic sessions to be hugely beneficial for improving teaching spaces. Consultations with senior school leaders – head teachers and their executive teams – across entire school districts, have allowed schools to fulfil the promise that all young people, no matter their socio-economic status, can receive a quality, relevant and formative education. And our Diversity and Inclusion training has enabled schools to foster an environment that allows both students and teachers to be their authentic selves.

John has a reputation as a youth advocate and this shines through in our work with schools. We recognise that helping educators be resilient, and collegial as well as being held to high standards is one of the ways to truly advocate for a better experience for the student.

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