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Anatomy of a Team

Most people in work don’t realise that they are not, and have likely never been, on a fully-actualised team. Anatomy of a Team is a half-day interactive seminar where leaders learn about the inherent advantages of teams versus groups.

Anatomy of a Team objectives:

  • Break down the characteristics of teams versus groups
  • Help leaders identify if they are leading a team versus a group
  • Explain to leaders the benefits of transforming groups into teams
  • Explain the steps required to create teams
  • Highlight the benefits and behaviours that ensure long-term team integrity

People often erroneously assume a collection of elite individuals in any environment makes a team.

Anatomy of a Pep Talk

In Anatomy of a Pep Talk, leaders discuss how motivation is maintained in challenging times, and how that drive can be passed on to peers and direct reports.  Anatomy of a Pep Talk is a quarter-day interactive seminar and will prime participants with a clearer understanding of the basics of that ‘holy grail’ of the business environment – the nurturing of intrinsic motivation when times are at their toughest.

Anatomy of a Pep Talk objectives:

  • Discuss how leaders and conscientious colleagues maintain their motivation
  • Discuss how leaders can shore up the motivation of peers and direct reports
  • Address fears and stresses of teams in times if difficulty
  • Understand the blueprint for helping leaders engage with teams
  • Create on-going, quality communication rather than a one time ‘rousing speech’

A pep talk isn’t a motivational ‘sugar spike’, but rather a tool for sustained motivation.

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