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Strategic Consulting

Performance Consulting from APS

Let our expertise help your organisation thrive

Getting it absolutely right at the performance edge is the difference between adequate and outstanding results – and it’s a difficult task!

Amaechi Performance has more than a decade of experience helping organisations navigate challenges and exploit potential opportunities as they arise.  The ongoing economic uncertainties and day-to-day geopolitical machinations make it ever more essential to check against group think and eliminate – as much as possible – unintended consequences as vital decisions are made.

A fresh set of expert eyes can make all the difference and that is where APS Strategic Consulting on specific projects and with key people can pay dividends.

APS has worked in public and private sectors from healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, to investment banking, intelligence services on two continents, higher education and international charitable organisations. We have learned how we can best make our presence felt with specific and to-the-point feedback and insights to deliver the results desired.

Through our ‘Orange Papers’, we provide insight by delivering incisive analysis of organisations that is often used as the basis of future strategy blueprints.

Our Strategic Consulting process will guarantee an agreed amount of time per month – or days per project – devoted to your agenda.  We schedule time so that John and our team are available on-site when necessary, and as close as a computer or phone at all others.

APS strategic collaboration is routinely sought in Transformation, Learning and Development, Human Resources, Internal Comms and External Affairs scenarios and many more leadership, development, and organisational change contexts.


APS has worked with Norway Olympic & Paralympic Organising Committee
APS has worked with Olympics
APS has worked with Shell
APS has worked with Nexia
APS has worked with Naked Wines
APS has worked with Lloyd's of London