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High-Intensity Days

High-Intensity Days for Business

Kickstart organisational change with our bespoke High-Intensity Days

John brings to life the theory of how humans react in teams, in a way that I have found hugely engaging, but more importantly extremely thought provoking. John doesn’t lecture at you, John wants you to learn about what it will take you to build a team to win. Second place is pointless!” -Jon Hughes UKI Managing Partner, Markets, EY

When you need to make an immediate impact to spur further interventions, ‘rally the troops,’ or begin the process of change, high-intensity days are a brilliant way to begin.  These can be stand-alone one or two-day events, or combined with peak performance coaching, consultation and webinars, or your own ongoing training. This format concentrates on the raw materials of change, plus motivational anecdotes to make the change processes come alive.

Structure of High-Intensity Days

High-intensity Days can be configured to cover:

  • Teamwork and organisational communication
  • How to inspire authentic leadership
  • Diversity and Inclusion development
  • Issues specific to your organisation

High-Intensity Days include:

  • A whole organisational event aimed at introducing key concepts and kickstarting motivation
  • Lunchtime Q&A sessions with small groups of principals, leaders, and advocates
  • Opportunities for informal one-to-one & small group interactions
  • An evening seminar for major partners and stakeholders

Some options for the itinerary of a high-intensity day are outlined  below. APS can tailor the high-intensity experience, creating a day focused on your needs and challenges that kick-starts progress, development and ongoing success.

Choose from up to eight distinct interactive presentation opportunities:

High-intensity days have been successful in diverse sectors including multi-nationals in the biopharmaceutical field, sport- business, investment banking, healthcare, universities and secondary education.

APS has worked with Children England
APS has worked with Olympics
APS has worked with Coca Cola
APS has worked with Sport and Recreation Alliance
APS has worked with Pepsico
APS has worked with ITV