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Cutting Edge Diversity & Inclusion Training

Inclusion at the Cutting Edge with Anatomy of Inclusion

Fostering organisational inclusion

Many organisations are attempting to focus on enhancing workplace culture, and creating an environment that fosters a sense of engagement among employees. Inclusive organisations understand-and seek to capture-the power of a varied cognitive landscape, and the resulting rise in performance and productivity when people feel that their contributions to corporate success aren’t simply measured in one-to-five scales and hours worked.


The Anatomy of Inclusion solution

Our belief is that an inclusive, respectful environment is as inextricably linked to individual and organisational performance as the education, skills and remuneration of the workforce. Creating a working culture where all people can achieve their full potential is a 21st century business imperative.

The Anatomy of Inclusion programme allows participants to be guided through frank conversations about the status quo of inclusivity and the desire within organisations to expand, and then maximise cultural diversity.APS uses the best contemporary science on inclusion, explained through stories and vingnettes that make the concepts relevant and relatable to a broad cross-secition of people. Content will challenge participants, demand introspection, and inspire positive change.

Working with clients we create changes in the culture and climate of the organisation so that they become fully committed to diversity and inclusion far beyond policy alone – meeting the needs of  individuals and communities through research-based education, skill enhancement and motivational interactions. We aim to bridge the gap between traditional compliance-based diversity initiatives and a true performance-enhancing environment.


Go beyond compliance: An inclusive workplace is a high performance workplace

Many organisations design and implement diversity initiatives to meet basic compliance standards or as an anti-litigation measure. Yet they underestimate the energy wasted by individuals protecting themselves in environments that do not embrace diverse identities – energy that might otherwise be used for furthering organisational goals and outcomes.

At the elite edge, even the smallest loss in capacity and interpersonal cohesion can be the difference between success and failure.  In the 21st century workplace, creating and maintaining a warm, but professional climate will see marked advantages in overall employee contentment, motivation and performance.  The image of an organisation as a beacon of best practice as well as an employer of choice is enhanced by developing a culture that recognises, respects and values difference.


The Anatomy of Inclusion formula

Anatomy of Inclusion is delivered in a three hour seminar format, consisting of three content modules of 60 minutes each. The modules will challenge participants to identify the mindsets that limit and grow organisational performance and create an understanding of the behavioural changes required to achieve an inclusive workplace that is best-in-class.

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