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The Diagnostic™ for Business

Is your organisation under-performing?

Let The Diagnostic™ set your organisation on a path to success

Organisations require specialist consultation to achieve optimum performance from their personnel. Whatever the economic and political circumstances, it’s difficult to create an environment where a diverse workforce can become a high functioning team.  For any organisation undergoing transition – be it a change in leadership, managing significant employee attrition or trying to reverse a trend of under-performance, The Diagnostic™ from APS can help you drive the change you need.

The Diagnostic™ Process

We use The Diagnostic™ to assess culture and climate, profiling key individuals and specific pivotal relationships to identify and define issues that inform the best possible interventions.

The Diagnostic™ formats:

Week In residence

APS will base in an office on-site for up to one week and embeds within the organisation to fully understand and interact with the management team and employees.

Bi- or Tri-Monthly onsite

Working onsite over a period of two or three days per month allowing more time for integration of feedback between APS and clients, and taking longer in total to deliver the entire Diagnostic.

During onsite time, APS profiles the organisation and its key individuals – collecting information, and encouraging multidirectional feedback. The result is the initiation of an evolving intervention that creates prompt and positive change.

APS recognises the significant investment that is required for an onsite, intensive management consultation. We know there is no point in coming up with solutions that additionally strain resources – such as increased pay, bonuses or promotions. Some of our best successes have been in organisations that were enduring a “freeze” in all of these. We focus on so-called soft skills of management and low-cost initiatives that tangibly improve the climate and culture of an organisation. Maximum return, for your investment.

APS has worked with Schroders
APS has worked with EY
APS has worked with Shell
APS has worked with Glaxo Smith Kline
APS has worked with Barclays
APS has worked with EFDS