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The Organisational Diagnostic

Is your organisation under-performing?

Let The Organisational Diagnostic set your organisation on a path to success

Organisations require specialist consultation to achieve optimum performance from their people. Whatever the economic and political circumstances, it’s difficult to create an environment where a diverse workforce can become a high functioning team.  APS conducts The Diagnostic with a very specific remit – to help you gain a cross-sectional view of organisational and leadership function in order to drive the change your organisation needs to thrive as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Diagnostic has been used to address numerous challenges within organisations, such as:

  • Changes in senior leadership
  • Radical strategic direction change due to market disruption
  • Acquisition or merger
  • Employee conflict and legal action
  • Imposed regulatory intervention
  • Push and pull talent attrition
  • Improving teamwork and collaboration
  • Diversity and Inclusion initiatives


The Science of The Diagnostic

The APS Diagnostic is based in two separate but related approaches to the philosophy behind ‘success under duress’ scenarios. These are ‘Offender Profiling’ used in criminal investigations, and hostage negotiation tactics. We know if a theory can help identify dangerous insurgents and de-escalate hostage incidents, then its core principles will have the mettle to handle intra-organisational conflict, disruption, dysfunction and optimisation.

While we are not suggesting that members of organisations are criminals, we do know that the behaviour of people and sub-units within an organisation can be profiled and their modus operandi or the method of the disruption or dysfunction being perpetrated and sustained can be ascertained. This allows us to determine the psychological need being met by the non-optimal behaviours, and the mindsets that drive those behaviours can be understood. From this information, we can generate ways to further investigate more effectively, identify challenging people and scenarios, and predict and prepare for ongoing challenges as a solution is applied.

The Diagnostic™ Framework

Our Organisational Diagnostic has the following adaptive phases, with ongoing consultation in each:

  • Assessment Phase – where a process of due diligence absorbs all available data including staff interviews, leadership speeches and staff presentations, focus group outputs, employee surveys, organisational and legal grievance notices, etc.
  • Test Phase – where early understanding of key players and their role in the current circumstance is defined
  • Deliver Phase – where methods of maintenance of any non-optimal activity are defined and early interventions to discourage continuation are implemented
  • Refine and Target Phase – where all evidence and early results of initial interventions are collated and an understanding of the psychological, practical or emotional needs that are maintaining the status quo and preventing optimal activity are outlined in detail. Specific individuals and groups who are, or could become, active participants are identified.
  • Diagnose Phase – where a full analysis and a guidance document is created, replete with recommendations for maintaining and speeding any positive change with a roadmap for further activities to benefit and make the organisation more resilient

APS recognises the significant investment that is required for an onsite, intensive management consultation. We know there is no point in coming up with solutions that additionally strain resources – such as increased pay, bonuses or promotions. Some of our best successes have been in organisations that were enduring a “freeze” in all of these. We focus on so-called soft skills of management and low-cost initiatives that tangibly improve the climate and culture of an organisation. Maximum return, for your investment.

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