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There are serious challenges to address in the modern workplace including low worker productivity and engagement, quality recruitment and talent retention, employee resilience and personal development, and the battle to develop modern, inclusive leaders in our increasingly global world of work.

Over the last decade APS has been evolving its business services to best help our clients and to deliver in these and other HR, L&D and OD practice areas where APS has the best-practice edge and the benefit of our broad expertise.

We have designed an offer that allows us to partner with our clients to deliver well-defined outcomes over time via a consultancy model or more intensively with punchy interventions like the High-Intensity Day or the unique Diagnostic model.

Our Principles

We love working with our existing and new clients, and we have three principles that we believe mark us out as advocates for our client’s desired outcomes:

  1. We want to earn your business, but we won’t work with you unless we think we are the best option to deliver the outcomes you state.
  2. We want to build long-term partnerships, but we will work to make ourselves redundant as soon as possible. We won’t rush to exit before achieving shared goals, but equally, we won’t encourage continued engagement beyond the practical needs of our clients.
  3. We won’t play favourites. All clients deserve equal vigilance and equal excellence; whether your needs are a review of one speech or a highly integrated year long consultancy. In our eyes, both are top priorities deserving of equal care from APS.

We look forward to hearing about your goals and challenges and partnering with you to make your vision a reality.

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APS has worked with BAML
APS has worked with Norway Olympic & Paralympic Organising Committee
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