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The APS Values

Our Mission Statement

APS is a unique, collaborative partner working with clients to maximise performance and tackle intractable People problems.


Our Values

Trust & Authenticity

We walk our talk (we act congruently with our rhetoric) amongst each other and with our clients. We offer cogent and transparent advisory, development & coaching services and communicate findings with clarity and purpose. We give feedback unclouded by the desire to please – but instead imbued with our promise to deliver client value

Drive Change
We are evidence-based change agents. We are not just catalysts unchanged by our interactions. We seek to learn, adapt and grow and instil that approach into our clients – building on our insights, experience and best-practice across sectors to deliver tangible mindset, behaviour and whole organisation change. We develop ways to assess and measure our efficacy and build skills in the organisation to create a sustainable long after our engagements end
We operate as an intense, collaborative and irreverent team.We role model the true meaning of‘team’to achieve optimal results: a mutual investment in each other delivered with trust, empathy, and full inclusion. We embrace constructive conflict, knowing there can be no movement without friction. We view wellbeing and playfulness as integral to the development of sustainable and creative solutions internally, and for our clients.
We create simple, uniquely effective solutions that understand the context inside and outside of the workplace and embrace the increasing sociopolitical uncertainty. We don’t seek innovation as a fad – we are always more interested in what makes something new work, rather than something that works being new
We tackle problems other people think intractable. We boldly compete where we know we can add value.  We leap towards our goals – and sometimes into the unknown with each other. We have each other’s backs. We leap knowing we could fail together. We leap knowing we can trust colleagues to lift those who falter. We leap to meet our potential – even when those on the outside can’t see it

Our People


John Amaechi OBE

Everyday Jedi

Founder and Chief Executive

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE

Fierce Advocate

Performance Coach

Julie Newbon

Corporate Linchpin

Director of Business Operations


Chris Garrison

Chief Problem Solver

Director and Performance Coach


Gemma Walker

The Keymaster

Business Administrator


Rajinder Massan

People Advisory Specialist


Jonathan Benn

People Advisory Specialist


Peter Carroll

Head of Business Development


Dr. Zachary Walker

Chief Pedagogist

Educational Consultant


Tom Staniford

Social Space Oddity

Marketing Manager

Our Associates


Dr. Ross Tucker

Science Nerd

Research and Data Analysis

Lori Dobeus


Diversity & Inclusion Subject-matter Expert

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Our experience

There is no “magic pill” for success; we work with our clients to tailor a programme appropriate to their needs.

  • APS engages with clients to assess challenges, and present the most time and cost-effective options to resolve them.
  • Our links with universities in the US and Britain – who are at the cutting edge of organisational, leadership and motivation research – continue to be a huge advantage for our clients.  John’s memberships with the American Psychological Association and the British Psychological Society allows APS access to cutting-edge research and literature on individual and organisational performance, keeping us abreast of contemporary best-practice.
  • With more than 100 different client solutions in the last five years, we know our proven business consultancy model can address your issues. We offer a variety of services, including one-on-one managerial consulting, workshops, seminars and bespoke programmes.
  • John is an exponent of the Carl Rogers school of humanistic psychology and believes in the power of his authentic personal interactions to catalyse tangible change within organisations.

Are you ready to see organisational improvement?

For over two decades, APS has been helping high-profile individuals, international corporations, professional sports teams, government agencies, educational institutions and charities to maximise their potential.

Whether your organisation needs just one day with John, or ongoing consultation from APS, we will make an immediate difference.

Our professional and consulting services speed desired client outcomes. Through the links above, we outline some of our individual coaching options for those looking to upgrade specific skills or mindsets to transform themselves from good to great.

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