Introducing Coaching for Candidates

Don’t rehearse lines, use coaching-inspired introspection to win your next role

John talks about a new offering from APS called Coaching for Candidates, a coaching series that helps high-potential candidates prepare for the next big rung in the career ladder. Coaching for Candidates will help you present your authentic self at your next interview. 

I’ve become tired of seeing high-quality candidates for advancement in their current organisation or with opportunities for progression in another, fail. 

So many of these individuals fail, not because they lack the skills or qualities per se, but because what they do lack, they don’t know about. 

They have blind spots in their insight that are exploitable by other candidates who either don’t have the same blind spots or have them, know about them, and know how to create a narrative of proactive growth about their challenges. Equally,  failure comes by interview panels for whom a candidates deficiency in any one (or two) areas isn’t in and of itself the problem, but their blindness to those deficiencies is terrifying.

Blind spots in a candidates introspective lens is just one of the ways good candidates fail.  There are numerous others to do with personal presentation, the narrative they have to back up their CV, their ability to really see the interviewer and know what they are looking to understand about them –  and then deliver that.  The list goes on and on… so to me for such a diverse list, the only solution was far from the ‘interview rehearsal’ mantra and instead steeped in coaching.

While some propose the often less-challenging practice interview process, I created Coaching for Candidates, because every (former) athlete – and every current psychologist – knows that practice doesn’t actually ‘make perfect’; only ‘perfect practice makes perfect’. And you need to break down skill and experience before they can be rehearsed.

For me, the key to true personal eloquence in interview – that is transferring the entirety of what makes you the strongest candidate, from your brain to your interviewers with the least chance of misinterpretation, is not about rehearsal or regurgitation, but rather being able to draw authentically on who you are – warts and all – to deliver a vivid, dynamic, growth mindset answers to the specific questions asked by those who would advance you.

Please don’t rehearse, don’t learn lines by rote; instead partner with someone to look inside and deliver the reasons why the authentic you is the only real option for the role. It’s not about perfection or hyperbole, it’s about a candidate with known areas-for-improvement who will continue to evolve beyond the bounds of this role and into the next… given the opportunity they deserve.

To find out more about Coaching for Candidates, click here.

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