Sportscare™ Professional

Sportscare™ - Training for the Mind

Creating a mental support structure that enhances physical preparation

Sportscare™ Professional exists to create a support framework around elite and aspiring athletes – accelerating their personal growth, maturity and commitment. Sportscare™ Professional targets the hearts and minds of today’s athletes to engender responsibility and longevity in our potential sporting heroes.

While Sportscare™ Professional was designed for use in elite and professional team settings, the modules can be very effective in everything from elite amateur through community sport settings for both teams and individuals. It is never too early to prepare young people for the rigours of a life involved in sport.

John’s better than a good kid; he’s a fantastic kid! When I was coaching him he did as much charity work as anybody in our city, and he’s still doing it.That’s the big thing about John – his principles.

Glenn “Doc” Rivers, Head Coach, Los Angeles Clippers

Sportscare™ process

The programme understands that athletes have different skill development needs. It incorporates simple, carefully packaged concepts into interactive forum and individual sessions while providing ongoing holistic support.

Player, coach and management feedback is incorporated with the backbone of the programme from the start. The programme encourages proactive player, coach and management interaction and is designed to evolve with the organisation and the needs of the athletes.

Sportscare™ will enhance the image of aspiring athletes, assist them in adjusting to the unique pressures and responsibilities of the ‘elite-athlete lifestyle’ and establish a crucial, independent support service.  Sportscare™ Professional is also the ideal preparation for an athlete’s future transition from athletic pursuits to a life and career beyond sport.

John was a heckuva student. Growing up in England, he didn’t have much of a basketball background. He really worked to develop his skill. He made tremendous progress in a relatively short amount of time. He was definitely one of the best guys I coached. He was good to coach because he really thought things out. He had a goal to play in the NBA. After practice, he’d have dinner, then he’d go back and shoot hoops for a couple of hours. Basketball to John was kind of a means to an end. He wanted to be good and he was good, but it wasn’t the end of the world for him. He had other interests way beyond basketball. He was the consummate student-athlete.

Bruce Parkhill, former Penn State University coach

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