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Build great leadership

Creating cohesion and engaging youth

APS has a unique insight into the world of community sport and special interest organisations and centres. Research carried out around the world, as well as at a sports and community centre in Manchester founded by John, has given us a true understanding of community cohesion, team building, youth development and the process of engaging and activating disenfranchised youth.

Far from the usual poor compromises in community development, APS sees that true excellence is not attenuated by a holistic focus – indeed, under the right conditions, both the occasional user and the elite participant can find a space to grow and excel in similar environments.

The APS Approach

Countless brands have worked with APS to upskill their staff, volunteers and coaches as well as create compatible processes that will allow continued growth and development in their own organisations.  A diverse cross-section of organisations from Housing Associations to local authorities and corporate volunteering and CSR initiatives have benefited from John’s experiential learning approach.

John’s personal philosophy and the APS approach have no room for compromise between personal responsibilities and elite performance. In sport, drama, media-arts or any specialist community programme, there has to be a culture of personal development and mutual respect to elicit leadership and excellence. APS has the hands-on experience and research background to instil this philosophy into your elite-sport, community standard or sport-for-development initiative.

Sportscare™ Consulting: Strategic, targeted effort for organisations

Sometimes, during a crisis or in the initial stages of change the organisations we work with need a less extensive and more flexible format – either to adapt work already being done, or maximise the efficacy of ongoing programs during a time of increased need for quick transformations.

Sportscare™ Consulting can then be employed to work with coaching and support staff, players and their representatives for short periods to achieve specific outlined goals.

APS has worked with BBC Sport
APS has worked with Athletic Club Bilbao
APS has worked with SportBusiness
APS has worked with ESPN
APS has worked with Norway Olympic & Paralympic Organising Committee
APS has worked with Sport and Recreation Alliance