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Sport & Sports Coaching with Sportscare™

Sportscare™ for Athletes and Communities

Building better sporting careers and organisations

Sport has the potential to have as big a societal impact as any institution, yet often it lets us down from unfulfilled promise.

We developed Sportscare™ Professional to work with individual elite athletes as well as elite organisations from academies to professional teams who believe – as we often witness – that individual and team performances are being diminished by those who lack the requisite skills to navigate life under the harsh scrutiny of the world.

Sportscare™ Community is a way for community and “sport for development” organisations to check their programmes for efficacy and make sure that they can deliver exactly what they purport in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

Sportscare™ Consultancy offers organisations with functioning programs a sounding board for assistance in achieving specific targets and goals. Our expertise can help adapt existing formats, or with implementation of new programs.

APS sporting pedigree

APS has a strong elite sporting background, with John’s providence as the first British athlete to have a career in the NBA and the first to have a jersey hung in the US basketball Hall of Fame. Through John’s work with philanthropic partners, he as developed extensive “sport for development” expertise, which compliments his role in the UK government’s Parliamentary committee on Sports Duty of Care. John is also an internationally recognised expert in sporting integrity, teaching a course on ‘The Promise of Sporting Integrity’ at the George Washington School of Business.

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