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We partner with leaders to solve intractable people problems.

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Performance Coaching & Thought Partnership
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Organisational Culture & Development
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Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
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Educational Culture & Climate Optimalisation
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Teamwork & Leadership Skills Training
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Keynote & Event Facilitation
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introducing coaching for candidates
Career Advancement Coaching
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Teacher & Student Engagement & Motivation
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Talent ID & Pathway Robustness
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Keynote Speech Writing & Rehearsal
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Inclusion in Education
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Sport-for-development & Elite-athlete CPD
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We create thriving workplaces.

At Amaechi Performance Systems, we believe that by partnering with clients to fully understand their goals, aspirations, and resource challenges, we can create shared interventions capable of driving sustainable growth and purposeful change. In forming partnerships, individuals and organisations can create, clarify, and realise their ultimate vision. APS can help your organisation develop a group culture that embraces individual development, workplace diversity, and a team environment that leads to the achievement of shared goals.

APS has worked with NSPCC
APS has worked with Credit Suisse
APS has worked with Bank of America Merrill Lynch
APS has worked with Virgin Media
APS has worked with Association of Legal Administrators
APS has worked with Barclays