We bring sound research, years of experience and tailored solutions

The Amaechi Performance Systems (APS) team is a professional collaboration that combines psychological, medical, corporate and educational training expertise to bring unique perspective to our clients. We encourage a group culture that embraces individual development, workplace diversity, respect and the fostering of shared goals. APS actively seek clients who embrace these ideals as a route to success in the marketplace.

There is no "magic pill" for success; we work with our clients to tailor an appropriate programme to suit their needs.

Our unique pool of talent includes certified master trainers as well as medical and psychological professionals. Whatever your organisation's needs, we have the right mix of people who have years of experience desigining and implementing personal and organisational change.

With hundreds of client solutions over the last decade, our proven business consultancy model can address your issues. We offer a variety of services, including one-on-one coaching,  high-performance consulting, workshops, seminars or bespoke programmes.